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Ceramic manufacturing company had an OSHA Days Away Restricted Time rating (DART rate) of over 12.0. Workers Compensation premium that was sky high for a small company with about 80 employees. At the end of 3 years the DART rate dropped to below 4.0 and premiums were below $80,000 because of the reduction in severity and frequency of injuries. More importantly the employees felt empowered to talk about safety and get concerns fixed as a team with management!
Heavy Manufacturing company had a record of 50 days without a lost time injury. After 3 years, the company had reached over 365 days without a lost time injury! Total is well over 400 and counting. The ambulance provider even called to ask if they had lost their contract becasue they noticed a large decrease in trips to the facility!
Employee was taken off work by doctor with a sore shoulder. After investigation of the incident it appeared to SafT Greg that the injury maybe a real issue. Greg requested the doctor complete MRI sooner rather than waiting to see how therapy went for 4 months, the MRI reviled a small tear in rotator cuff and surgery was schedule, employee was returned to work in transitional duty position and was completely healed and back to full duty in about a total of 5 weeks. Employee was grateful for help and getting proper medical care.
Large Welding and Fabrication Facility: Greg came in on a sales call and left his card, we thought we had a good program in place. Our HR manager made the statement, "we need to at least talk to this guy he has fire in his eyes". We had a meeting and after a few minutes we realized we could be better and teamed with Greg. He explained about transitional duty programs, Work Compensation Panel Doctor communication, claims management, accident investigations and our favorite, fraudulent claims. We found out quickly, with good accident investigations in place, the fraud claims started to go away because we had a 3rd party investigator (Greg) doing every investigation. We came a very long way in a short time, great results and focus.
Large manufacturing facility, We worked with Greg and conducted our first risk and hazard evaluation of a piece of equipment. He had us get a team from our production side that included union operators, union safety representative, union millwrights, and union electrician. He also had our supervisor, department supervisor, and engineer involved in the entire process. It took time but during the first walk through We found out how observant Greg was as he watched the processes then asked the operator to open a door that protected the operator from point of operation and flying debris. The door was supposed to be interlocked and when Greg asked the operator to follow procedures to open the door the operator quickly pointed out the door did not work properly and would not shut off the equipment. Greg asked to have machine shutdown to be troubleshot and repaired. He immediately saw that the safety interfaces had been tampered with and bypassed. We fixed this immediately and this was just the beginning of the improvements. The machine we evaluated now runs at about 20 percent increase in production and I cannot think of an injury since we finished.
Steel Manufacturing facility. We started to work with Greg and he right away knew the largest type of injury we had was hand injuries and what departments they were in. He immediately started evaluating the departments and saw that we should be using "better, new improved, cut rated gloves". Greg called multiple suppliers and we tested gloves for the specific applications, he worked hand in hand with the employees and the gloves selected for each task has eliminated our injuries for many of the tasks. What a big improvement, safer process, and better attitude following his leadership.

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