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We're very fortunate and excited to have Greg and the SafT Integration crew as part of our training and safety support team. Greg's wealth of field experience, the breadth and depth of his knowledge and passion for creating a safe workplace while looking for ways to improve productivity are key components to what we believe are the foundation to his and our member's success. Greg's energy level is second to none, and we've found it to be contagious for everyone he comes in contact with between his workshops and in-house support.
- John Krahe, Vice President, Manufacturer & Business Association
I had the honor of working with Greg at JMC Steel Group and while at Synergy Comp Insurance Company. Greg excels in identifying and dealing with safety and risk management concerns. He can be trusted to address issues and provide appropriate solutions no matter how difficult the concerns may be. Greg is not a glory seeker but is a "make it happen" person. In my many years of working with safety and insurance professionals no one comes close to providing the level of excellence that is found on a daily basis with Greg Safran.
- Marie Swanson, JMC Steel Group, Wheatland Tube Division
BNZ Materials began working with Greg Safran in 2007. Our company already had in place a state certified safety committee composed of both hourly and salary employees that met monthly. We had a format for accident investigations, and regular production safety meetings. We also did regular safety tours to specifically look for safety problems which included speaking with hourly employees. Overall, we felt we had a good program, but our DART rate was still over 7, and we continued to have small lost time accidents.

We had worked with some safety groups in the past, but never saw an improvement with their recommendations and suggestions. Some of these groups were even connected with federal government programs. Usually their solutions were generic, disconnected from the reality of our operation, or financially absurd.

Greg Safran's approach, personality, and experience was a perfect fit for our company. He first learned what we do, how we do it and adapted his approach around us, to achieve our goals.

His experience sees problems and practical solutions that we never saw, working in the same environment every day. He retrained our plant safety committee to be more affective. He retrained all front line supervisors to be better equipped on accident prevention. He restructured our accident investigation technique and approach. This includes complete reenactment of an accident or near miss, no matter how small the incident, into the smallest of details. He conducts personal interviews with all employees. He addressed the accident repeater employee. Works directly with doctors and insurance companies as needed to make sure they have ALL accurate information. He also forces them to give each case the detail it needs to streamline their services, and not allow claims to drag on. He conducts OSHA mock inspections.

Greg Safran has influenced the greatest change in the safety culture, safety awareness, and reduction to accidents at BNZ Materials than any other person or program has offered. Employees know Greg is real, and the company is seriously committed to their safety. We now look at lost time accidents in terms of years, not months. Greg's personal approach allows you to shoot him a quick call or email at any time, even over the smallest of questions. He is an asset to BNZ Materials that I do not ever wish to lose.
- Bryan Doerr, Production Manager, BNZ Materials, Inc.
In my capacity as JMC Steel Corporate Manager of Human Resources/Labor Relations I worked closely with Greg Safran for over three years. Mr. Safran is a highly accomplished professional in the area of Industrial Safety. Moreover, he functioned very effectively in the multi-disciplinary Human Resource areas of labor relations, worker's compensation, employee discipline, and labor arbitration. Greg was always an energetic and valuable member of the Human Resource team, willing to lend his expertise to planning strategy and affecting the same. He maintained a result driven relationship with both labor and management. He was generally well liked by most, and if not liked by a few, his professionalism was well respected. He is a straight-shooter and willing to take a stand and hold his ground. In the realm of Safety, Greg significantly evaluated production processes and actualized significant material changes which enhanced safer operation. He also initiated improved employee training. These and many other of his efforts resulted in safer operation and reduced accident frequency and severity. In all, Greg Safran was an excellent colleague, I recommend him without reservation.
- M. Brian Biggins SPHR, Chief People Person, MCAR Inc.
Greg is a relentless, driven, results oriented, safety professional that delivers measurable organizational value with his ability to identify and swiftly correct safety hazards through comprehensive root cause analysis. Greg's thorough knowledge of occupational safety and health, workers compensation law and remarkable ability to incorporate safety awareness into an organization's culture is unrivaled
- Matt Priscilla, Steel Commodity Manufacturing Colleague
When you came here I thought oh great, another safety pencil pusher that's going to tell us what a s***ty job we've been doing! Let me just tell you it is a pleasure working with you. I just want you to know that I appreciate you showing me the direction we should be going, great guidance, hands on support and training.
- Jim Kaller, Production Supervisor
I recommend Greg highly to any company large enough to fall under OSHA regs. BNZ Materials in Zelienople had a chronic safety problem that resulted in double digit DART rates year after year. We tried all of the standard programs, worked with our insurance carrier's loss control specialists, and had no success. Our DART rate had us on an OSHA watch list. We retained Greg in truth on a "why not?" basis and the result was a dramatic turnaround in the safety environment at the BNZ plant. Through Greg's persistent coaching and hands on approach a cultural change came about at this plant that has yielded significant benefits. For several years now, the DART rate here has dropped to low single digits. This has resulted in a major decrease in workman's compensation insurance rates, but more importantly from a managerial perspective, there are less injuries which allows the senior management to sleep better at night. I don't know what your situation is but hopefully your DART rate is 0.00. If not it would be worth some of your time to meet Greg. He and his approach are unique.
- John R. Beighey, Sr VP Operations, BNZ Material, Inc.
It is my pleasure to recommend Greg Safran. While managing workers' compensation claims in my former positions I had the privilege of working with Greg as a safety professional. Having experience working with safety professionals in excess of 20 years, I can say from my perspective and unequivocally that Greg Safran is an exception in the field of safety and loss control. Greg Safran excels at working with a team approach. His communication skills played a large role in our ability to perform as a team, thus containing our workers' compensation costs. He has the ability to read a situation and form a practical strategic response. Greg is pro active and most capable in the investigation, assessment, and recommendation of the course to take on any given situation and/or claim. I also found Greg to be a person of his word, when he indicated that he would do something, you knew it would be done in a timely manner. It was a pleasure to work with Greg, an honest, dedicated and respected safety professional, who works to meet the needs of all those he works with. To put it simply; Greg Safran is the very best safety professional I have ever worked with. No one else even comes close.
- Marie L. Swanson, Synergy Comp Insurance Company, Former Vice President of Claims and JMC Steel Group Claims Manager
We've been fortunate to call Greg Safran our "go to" safety guy since 2008. We were in dire need of a shift in our safety awareness culture plant wide and he has made it happen! His no nonsense, objective approach to incident investigation and problem solving, coupled with his innovative and motivational training has had a dramatic positive effect on our employees and our bottom line. His approach has empowered our employees to think safety and that is priceless.
- Carrie Baker, HR Generalist
We have worked in the past with just about all the other "safety consultants" in the area. The results never changed and neither did our safety problems, safety culture, or level of awareness. We got this new guy Greg Safran to come in and the first thing he did was have individual meeting with each of us (the supervisors). I knew instantly where we stood with Greg and what his expectations were for each and every incident or near miss we had. Greg then worked with us on the floor increasing awareness and I found myself not just walking past small things I used to not worry about or fix, and now I fix them. Was a big improvement for me and as a supervisor my men saw a change too, I listened to them, we worked together, and made a major adjustment to our safety ways. Was not always easy but working with Greg made me better!
- Maintenance Supervisor, Manufacturing
When we hired Greg to start as a Safety Manager our record for no lost time incident was 50 days and our DART rate was over 15.5. In a very hands on and fluid way Greg worked with our supervisors, union, employees, subcontractors, insurance carrier, and most importantly our panel of doctors to change our entire program and communication level. The record now is over 400 plus days with no lost time injuries and Dart rate lower than 6 and still dropping.
- Plant Manager
Greg is professional and hard working. He takes great care of his clients creating a safe environment. This in turn reduces Workers Comp losses and lowers their insurance premiums. SafT rocks!
- Robin Miller, Reinhardt's Agency, Inc.

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